PROSAN, is a registered non-profit organization located in Lima, Perú that produces and distributes evangelization human development radio programs in Spanish and Quechua for the Catholic Church in Latin American.

During the past three decades our radio production service has been offered free of charge as a pastoral aid for bishops, pastors, and apostolic groups that have access to local radio time but do not have the means to produce their own radio programs locally.

Father George Flynn

Although our production service is gratuitous, we do request that our subscribers purchase their cassettes and cover the modest cost of the weekly or monthly shipment of cassettes with the recorded radio programs.

We presently offer three of our weekly Catholic audio productions on the Inernet. – «El Evangelio Dominical,» «La Iglesia en el Mundo de Hoy» and «Quechua Dominical,» These programs may be down -loaded at the following address –

Locutores Prosan

Locutores de Noticiero PROSAN

PROSAN, was founded in 1973 with the signing of an agreement by the  Secretary General of the Peruvian Bishops Conference and the director of the Missionary Society of Saint James the Apostle in Peru.

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